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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Home, sweet, messy home.

I'm back!

Hong Kong, in addition to Marks and Spencers, and all the English brands I hadn't realised I miss, had a WHSmiths. I saw English newspapers and English magazines. Not newspapers IN English, but English FROM England. By 'saw', I mean 'saw'. They were all firmly wrapped in plastic.

And pharmacy things. So many pharmacy things that I used in the UK but cannot find here in Tokyo. The bag of pharmacy things I brought back weighed a few kilos, and thankfully, customs didn't feel the need to poke into every tub, tube and bottle in the bag. Guess I look too daft to be seen as suspicious. Happily I'm now stocked up for about the next 9 or so months on some of the things.


Blogger Liisa said...

Welcome back to Tokyo.

9:43 pm

Blogger Jo said...

Thank you!

A thought: how about arranging a mini-pissup; you, Timorous Beastie, me, any other Tokyo bloggers that want to join. Are you game?

12:19 am

Blogger Liisa said...

That would be fun!

12:43 pm

Blogger DOPS said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

1:34 pm

Blogger DOPS said...

is it exclusive for tokyo people only? how about us in the outskirts of japan? like hokkaido...

1:34 pm

Blogger machiruda said...

Isn't there a semi-regular Tokyo bloggers gettogether? There should be some info on the Japan-ring website, I think...

6:36 pm

Blogger thephoenixnyc said...

okay, now i want to know what liisa said

welcome home jo

2:34 am

Blogger Josie said...

Dear Jo,
It feels weird to be back home in an English speaking coutnry, that I am want to come back ASAP! My mother thinks I am crazy, but hey Japan is in my blood. I am thinking the JET programme, hopefully to be based in Osaka..
I love reading your blog.. ahhh... lovely...

8:15 pm

Blogger Jo said...

JET? And risk being shoved in a rural area? Hmmmmm!

Give Tokyo a go!

9:50 pm


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