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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Plans, plans, plans

I did have plans to do many things whilst here. Those plans kept changing and finally I didn't even make it over to Lantau let alone Macau, or some of the areas on Hong Kong Island I'd intended to see.

Woke up, late, to rain again, which stopped and started all day, but wasn't too bad on the whole. I needed the sleep as I couldn't drop off for ages last night and finally felt much much better when I did wake up. Headed down to Marks and Spencers and, although I couldn't find any work trousers, I manage to get a pair of jeans, a pair of shoes and some knickers. (Knew everyone would want to know that).

Then went and bought up a pharmacy - all on brands and things from the UK that can't be found in Tokyo, including decent toothpaste with flouride, and all sorts...

Had to bring it all back to the hostel which, with lunch and all, meant my time was running short and I figured Lantau wouldn't be worth it. It was a shame, but never mind - I'm sure, sooner or later, another shopping trip will bring me back to Hong Kong.

So, I went to the Art Museum instead, then took a ferry back over to Hong Kong Island and another tram (rattle, rattle, shake, shake) to Causeway Bay for supper and a wander around. Had a very interesting dessert of sticky black rice and mango. There was a drink on the menu called 'whatever', which I questioned and was told something about the waiter just makes it up. Next thing I know I have a 'whatever' in front of me - and it tasted like mouthwash. I felt I was being rude but, when asked if I liked it, I told the truth - so they let me choose something else!

Got the tram and ferry back, and that was that.

Good trip with loads of choice of things to do, and still loads left undone, and tomorrow I leave at 6am to go back to the airport. No more holidays until November now, when I'm hoping to go to Osaka...


Blogger thephoenixnyc said...

Ni hao ma?

Its nice to see Miranda is being the garcious and helpful hostess of HK as always.

I can't belive you met Ruth. Ruthie and I have met in Guangzhou China, she's my little firecracker.

Sounds like you have had a great little holiday.


12:54 am

Blogger Jo said...

Miranda was lovely, sweet and generous and it was a nice addition to the holiday to spend time with her.

Ruth should be everyone's mum. She's adorable and has a smashing family and beautiful kids. Even if they were all knackered!

7:01 pm


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