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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


The apartment block has no water. I smell. I need a shower. I need to flush my toilet. I need to do washing. This is horrendous. I am NOT happy.

I had a wonderful day out yesterday in Yokohama - fantastic gyouza in China Town with the most delicious peanut sauce, wilted green things with garlic, some parts of a chicken with cashews and baby corn and oo SO nice!

My friend had never been up in a ferris wheel before, and Yokohama has a MASSIVE one. From my dwindleing memory of London, I can't actually remember if it's bigger or smaller than the London eye, but is very very big all the same, and we had a pod to ourselves which was lovely.

There was a Hawaiian festival on, but it was a bit of a letdown. More of a 'couple of guys on stage with a dancer' and a food van, than what I'd actually call a festival.

Then there was the foreigner's cemetary which seemed vaguely interesting, but which we couldn't actually get into. The area around it was very pretty though with lots of lovely big old houses and other buildings.

Nice day, topped off with seeing the movie 'Dear Frankie'.

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