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Monday, August 22, 2005

F*** You NOVA

NOVA is one of the larger English language conversation school groups in Japan: with one of the worst reputations. Before going any further let me just clarify: I don't work for NOVA.

Anyway, there has been a debate going on for a while, thanks to NOVA, on whether teachers in conversation schools should pay an extra (rather big) tax towards a pension, etc. This won't be optional. NOVA has, apparently, got a fair number of long-term teachers over 50 and this is why their union (yes, they have a union, ffs) pushed for this to be brought in.

We're having a meeting next Monday about this but, my understanding is that anyone that works over 30 hours will have to pay this tax. On an average week, I don't. If I do a cover day (making a six day week) then I do. Likewise when we have to do spring and summer schools, the hours can pile up.

If you don't stay over three years you can claim this money back. That isn't the point. The point IS I won't be able to manage if this extra money goes out of my account.

Starting from this month, I have to start sending back money to the UK for a loan commitment. This money from my account plus the extra tax (we are taxed anyway) will leave me well and truly screwed. I can kiss goodbye to my trip plans which, funnily enough, is the main reason I'm here.

Right now I'm (suffering from very very bad PMS) totally not into Japan or into teaching. This is not helping the way I'm feeling.

I'm utterly enraged. Thanks a bunch NOVA.

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Anonymous Tom said...

Well finally finished reading through your entire blog X.X Found it through best blogs in asia. Where it infact doesn't have a rating yet. Quite odd reading it without knowing the writer at all as you have quite a personal style.

Read the thing about NOVA allowing people to not pay into the health system a little while ago X.X.
¥30,000 yen a month is a lot of cash. Especially when your living in a foreign country. Im sure you will be able to budget your way around it but really would be best to find some way around it.

Anywho remember Japan and teaching rock ^_^ Sure you will be snapped back to that quickly when you have a good class or see some new hello kitty product.

7:00 am

Blogger Jo said...

Thanks Tom, and well done for reading the entire blog! Were you that bored? Must have taken ages.

Anyway, we'll see what other information comes out next week in the meeting.

1:19 pm


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