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Friday, August 26, 2005

Statue of WHAT?

I often have no idea what my students are trying to say. Written work can be even worse. I mean imagine trying to correct a student's grammar when you are clueless what they mean. Mr Teacher once told me he tells his students that it's his job to know what his students mean. Unless he can mind-read then I'd like to see him faced with some of my students!

Take today, my foundation level student who, bless her, tries really hard for me, when being prompted at what a well-known New York statue was called told me it was the 'Statue of Penis'. Or at least, that's what I think she said. There are moments when you don't ask for something to be repeated. I have NO idea what she actually said, but it didn't sound like 'Liberty', and that was good enough for me.

A few months ago my ten year old students managed to pronounce 'swimming' as 'kissing'. That takes some doing, no?

A ten-year old student once wrote on the board, 'the penis on the table'. The same student told me today that her (male) dog was at the hospital for an operation so it wouldn't have babies. Some things are not worth correcting!

I'll have to start making notes of more of their comments I think.

Oh, and typhoon 11 has now passed after a vicious night of full-on-ness!


Japanese weather forecast just told me us to 'take care when choosing your clothes'. Gotta love this bilingual telly stuff. Has me giggling far more than is healthy when faced with a news and weather broadcast.


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