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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Typhoon 14

Wow! Typhoon Nabi (14) has been the worst since I've been here. There's been a lot of damage done in the southern islands of Japan and people are missing down there and buried under rubble, with at least 17 dead and more than 120 injured. 52 houses have been destroyed and some 6000 houses are flooded. Many households have been evacuated and many more are being told to do so still. There have been landslides, including caved-in roads and washed away houses, due to record amounts of rainfall down there (1000 mm / 40 inches of rain in some areas). (Reuters Article)

Up in Tokyo things aren't anywhere near as bad as that. I'm not aware of any serious damage up here, there's just been lots of torrential downpours in the last few days, and the fiercest winds I've experienced since being here. Last night the wind spent the whole night bashing against the outside of my apartment block, and rattling all the doors and windows with quite a ferocity.

Global warming, anyone?


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