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Tuesday, September 13, 2005


An article in the Japan Times today looks at crime in Japan.

Several crimes and their sentences are given.

In reverse order:

Selling dodgy cures to old people: 12 years
Stealing Peko-Chan dolls: 7 years
Passing fake coins: 7 years
Murder: 3 years
Using (not possessing) stimulants: 18 months
Fraud: 16 months
Refusing to show a Gaijin card: 2 months detention, 16 months suspended
Selling dodgy investments to old people: 2 years suspended

Peko-Chan Doll that stands outside shops advertising a famous confectionary chain:

Yes, that IS correct: Stealing one of those things above will land you a sentence four years longer than murdering someone.

This country is insane.


Anonymous Sarah said...

Just make sure you don't try drunkenly to steal one of those hideous things after one of those karaoke nights out...

9:06 pm

Anonymous Bryn S said...

I wonder what the terms would be if it were a Gai-jin being sentenced..........

9:41 am

Blogger Jo said...

Bryn - for stealing a Peko-Chan?

They'd probably lock us up and throw away the key...

10:35 am


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