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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

How mundane.

By 2pm today I was back home having got up early, gone to the immigration office (I'm now legal for another three years), bought a DVD player, gone to the City Hall to update my alien card, signed up for more Japanese lessons and gone to the supermarket. All such totally boring activities.

I did see an ad on telly where a woman put a nappy (diaper) on a dog. I REALLY REALLY hope they weren't advertising nappies FOR dogs, although why would they use a dog to advertise nappies? Makes no sense, although as this is Japan, who knows. If I have my camera to hand and see it again I'll snap it and put up pictures.

I'm now going to have a nap as I was out drinking til late last night and got up way too early for my day off, today.


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