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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Autumn days

Apparantly it's autumn now although every day the weather is completely different. Sunday we had a glorious sunshine. A really mid-summer type of day. Yesterday was pretty indifferent weather, though a little bit chillier than it has been recently. Today is just grey. Last week we had typhoons.... And so it'll continue.

Most girls/women are still wearing clonky sandals that you can hear 50 metres away, but there's a wave of long-sleeve tops now coming in.

There isn't much to update at the moment. I did my last Saturday in one of the schools before changing to another one next week and I made it to the National Museum in Ueno Park, on Sunday, finally. It was a typical national museum really with the normal bits of pre-historic tools, etc and pots, jewellery, weaponry, costumes and prints from all periods. Wonderful building though, which I didn't take a photo of. Sorry. There were some very beautiful pieces in there.

Some random pictures for you:

This is the pavement I cycle down every day to go to the station:

Smoking is a big no-no in most of the streets around where I live and work. There are little signs all over the pavement like this:

And lots of little yellow bird ashtray spots where the ostracised smokers are allowed to stand.

Station platforms have smoking areas too. Unfortunately this doesn't stop people, in buildings from smoking outside lifts and I've walked into the path of smoke many times stepping out of an elevator.


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