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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Karaoke Croak

When you combine the tail end of a cold with a couple of hours of loud karaoke the end result is karaoke croak. Today I have a deep sexy voice. Or something like that. It's pretty painful anyway.

Last night went to The Elephant Cafe, in Harajuku. This is another theme bar that's Thai themed with lots of Buddhas and elephants, including a rather sturdy one outside that I jokingly suggested on of my friends sit on for a picture. Sadly, I don't think the hilarious results would be appreciated being shown to the Joe Public, so I'll refrain from posting them. Shame really. Anyway, after a couple of hours of nomihodai (drink as quickly as you can and keep reminding the staff they are being too slow with your vodkas as you have a set price for a set period of drinking) we staggered over the road for a couple of hours of karaoke, with nomihodai again. I had vague thoughts of going to another bar in Roppongi, but just felt too crap.

This afternoon there was a 5.1 earthquake in Saitama, Tokyo. I was having a nap and sat up in bed before deciding sod it, and lying down again. It went on for a while and was pretty shakey - well, enough to make my remote fall off the telly. Quakes bore me now. I know nothing can be done so I don't see the point in being worried by them. The Big One has been overdue for more than 70 years now. Who's to say it won't continue being overdue for 70 more. I think there was one minor injury this time.

In the evening I went with a couple of mates to a local onsen. I now feel very very sleepy and relaxed. The water was (VERY hot and) black and smelled all comforting and nice. Great way to spend a couple of hours. One of the baths gave out little electric shocks if you put your hands near the sides, which was rather odd, and the outside baths were lovely against the cold air.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can sympathise with the Karaoke croak; however, this being the deepest darkest surrey suburbs, there aren't many karaoke bars around. I have to make do with the october sore throat season... Men, hypochondriacs?

love Ben

3:22 am


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