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Monday, October 10, 2005

Fish and Cats

Today I looked at lots of these:

Yes, I went to an aquarium. Unfortunately, it being a national holiday and all, it wasn't the wisest of ideas and whereas normally I love aquariums, this was way too packed with rude people and their kids, all pushing and shoving. Shame, because I find quiet aquariums very relaxing and peaceful normally. They had some pretty cool fish, turtles, sharks, anenomes, etc there although I didn't appreciate the poor lonely little dolphin is a big empty tank with only two small footballs for company, or the seals swimming around and around looking extremely bored and pissed off. Outside were some awesome penguins and albatrosses, and you can see more pictures from the aquarium and nekobukuro in the photo album under Aug/Oct 2005.

After we'd finished with the fish we went to Nekobukuro. Nekko is Japanese for 'cat', and 'bukuro' a play on 'Ikebukuro' where it is. (Top of Tokyo Hands in Sunshine City if anyone wants to find it). You pay a small fee and then go and play with cats basically. It's pretty cool and the cats are all pretty friendly and beautiful. Here's a picture of one of them. And yes, it IS wearing a pumpkin outfit. Poor puss!

I'm going (hopefully) to Vietnam in the Christmas holidays. Most annoyingly the I'm wait listed on two of the four flights I need to take. (I have to go via Taiwan). I really want the dates I want. This is very frustrating. However, don't let this stop you from coming up with Vietnam tips for me. The plan is to fly into Ho Chi Minh and then out of Hanoi nearly 2.5 weeks later. I have my first list of places I think I'm going to, but what are your suggestions and recommendations?


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