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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

School Uniforms

I'd heard it wasn't unusual for teenagers to have school uniforms for IN school and school uniforms for OUT of school, and many of my students think their school uniforms are, or were, cute but, for the first time, my student, M, turned up at 7pm, for her lesson, in uniform. I said what time did she finish school, she said 4pm. I said what did you do between then and now, she said she went home, read a comic and slept. I said, and then you put your school uniform back on? She said, no, her school doesn't have a uniform. She'd made it up (including a neck tie thing) herself. I said, oh right.

This would never happen in the UK.

And please stop bloody raining. It's been wet for DAYS now.


Blogger Elspeth said...

I told my daughter about the uniform thing she says 'cool'!? she loves all stuff Japanese though, shes now got her own blog midnight dragon (you can get to it from mine) She tells me she can write hiragana and she can write her name in catakana. She has also decided to take it as an option next year, shes not bad at it and gets me to test her every day.

8:24 pm

Blogger Jo said...

Does this mean you'll both be making a trip over her? Would love to meet the two of you if you do!

If you're testing her every day, does this mean you've been learning some nihongo as well?

10:53 pm

Blogger Elspeth said...

I rember some of it, but I dont speak it as well as her. But she is getting in the habit of addressing me in Japanese and I reply the same, so far we have learnt the family, animals, body parts, greetings, colours and a few other words. And we hare in the habit of calling Abi a Usagi.

A trip would be good but we wont yet, however G's best friend is going over at Christmas, his wife is Japanese, which my daughter loves!

5:52 am

Blogger Jo said...

LOL! I'm impressed.

11:17 am

Blogger machiruda said...

That uniform story is sooo weird. Why would anyone think of wearing a school uniform voluntary, outside of school? She's probably annoyed with her own school for not having one...
Proves again that Japanese logic is just beyond me!

8:52 pm


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