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Thursday, October 20, 2005


Nasal assault: This morning, on the train to Shinjuku, I was totally overwhelmed by the woman who sat next to me and offended my nose with a stench of mothballs and perfume. Coming home, on the train to Shinjuku (two train journey on a Thursday) a man sat next to me stinking of booze and pee. I'm not sure which is worse. Thursday nights, when I'm coming home, the trains are always packed with people smelling of booze. Not nice.

Getting off at the station where I live, my ears were attacked by shouting girl outside a shop. People like shouting outside shops here, or screaming things in the street over tannoys. Go somewhere like Shinjuku, where you have rows of shops, and stand still outside any of these shops and you'll hear up to a dozen different voices loudly shouting things. I find it really annoying. I mean, talk about disturbing the peace.

Fashions are getting so weird at the moment I can't even start to comment. Especially in my current zombie state. This season, it seems, anything goes here, and the stranger, and more mismatched, the better. One day I'll take some pictures of some of the monstrosities I see in the stations, but that depends on me not rushing to work!

I had brain meltdown today. Several times I opened my mouth and what came out made no sense (in everyday life this often happens, but up to today has generally not happened in the classroom). I think, generally, I'm an okay teacher. Sometimes I think I'm really good and much of the time I think I still have a lot to learn. Today I managed to confuse several students with the instructions I gave them. This is, amazingly for me, quite a rarity. Part of it was me overestimating what they could do. Mainly though, my brain had had a stay-at-home kind of day and left me to it. Gah! Still, tomorrow is another day.

If I find my lost brain by then...


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