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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Perfect Weather

In between the rains here we are having many glorious days of sunshine. Hot days. Perfectly hot days; not sweat-your-socks-off kinds of days but just wonderful hot autumn days of wandering around in t-shirts or long sleeve t-shirts, and not worrying about getting cold. Of course, every silver lining DOES have a cloud, and getting dark before 5pm is definitely one big mighty cloud. But it's just so lovely. My perfect kind of weather.

Wandering around Ueno Park today and soaking up the rays and autumn colours was just perfect... Went to the Impressionists Expo at the Metropolitan Art Museum too. That would have also been pretty wonderful, if it wasn't for the hoard of other people that had decided to go on a Tuesday afternoon. Oh well. I mean, I've mentioned before one of my pet annoyances is the amount of Japanese people I see / feel that cannot walk in a straight line and don't look where they are going. Imagine this in rooms full of pictures.. Luckily I don't bruise too easily.

Spotted on the train: man in a bright yellow shirt covered with little Santa heads, reindeer heads and dog heads. Some things aren't worth puzzling yourself with, in my opinion though!


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