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Friday, October 28, 2005


Firstly can I say the beautiful weather has turned to cack and has, since Tuesday, been cold and wet. Eternally optimistic, I feel sure there are still more hot days to be had this year.

Now: dreams. I very rarely remember my dreams and those I do remember tend to be very abstract, although I can normally figure out what they mean, what triggered them off (a memory of a conversation or something I read or watched during the day maybe), what they are symbolic of, etc. And I do have lucid dreams (the dreams you know you're having) from time to time. Last nights though was so odd that I jotted the whole thing down in a notebook this morning and felt I should share it.

So, it was a cold winter day but I wanted to go to the sea to swim and get clean. On the way I met some nasty teenage boys who stood on my lilo and wouldn't let me pass. I got rescued by a female who knew me and led me off to shower somewhere safe. (I didn't recognise her). There was one shower and a kid was using it. The kid finished and a granny took her turn, with all her friends standing around her. The shower was a beach type metal one and was in a large plain dingy room.

Just before my turn, the area immediately around the shower turned into an onsen sized bath / paddling pool and kids started jumping in. I wandered over to find out what was happening and saw the little square pool lengthening and, suddenly, loads of people were in it, swimming - chaotically at first, and then laps, as the pool continued to get longer and longer, though not wider.

Finally, I got in too and started swimming to see where it led to. As I got near the end, the pool sloped up and into an amusement arcade where I was met by a friend and led through to a counter where her son was working, along with an ex-flatmate of mine from a few years back. They were selling cheap novelty purses and I don't remember what else. Ex-flatmate and I went back to my apartment (We were in New York) and as we arrived women kept passing in cocktail dresses and I asked where they were going. They reminded me it was someone's party and I had to hurry up and go. I rushed into my bathroom to shower and...

then I woke up.


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