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Sunday, April 04, 2010

And now, the end is near....

My life in Japan, and this blog are drawing to a close.

I shouldn't have stopped updating but I think I got to a stage where:

a) I didn't really have anything positive to say
b) I had too many negative things to say and
c) I was just too busy.

In the last month I've been studying for my diploma, sorting out my next job and the one after that, working long weeks and earlier mornings, sorting out flights and other logistics, trying to keep my sanity....

Anyway, I did have a lovely time in Seoul a couple of weeks ago (tenth Asian country I've visited and possibly the last for a while...) despite it being really cold. My hotel room - as is common in South Korea, I think - had underfloor heating which I loved - and which was a great aid in drying out socks and boots that were soaked through by the rain!

I found Korea to be very similar to Tokyo in many ways. The general feel of it, the cleanliness, etc.... although I think I pissed off a few Japanese students by telling them that. I packed a lot of sightseeing into almost three days and it was fun to explore a new city.

This is such a bitty post, isn't it? But I'm plain exhausted from the schedule which has involved getting up significantly earlier on over half the week than normal - which has meant the days I've not had to get up early, my body has still woken me up early and I've been in a state of exhaustion for two weeks. Roll on Monday when things get back to 'normal'!


Blogger Alesa Warcan said...

I'm only sorry to have discovered this blog in it's twilight.
Thank you for posting, I've enjoyed reading the previous posts tremendously.

7:25 am

Blogger The Pixy Princess said...

Wait... but the blog is going to morph into something else innit???

4:42 am

Blogger Jo said...

yes. there'll be a new blog when i move on! and this isn't over yet!

11:24 pm


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