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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Little Flowers

One of my students was given some pink washing up gloves as a mothers day present from her 28 year old daughter. I said that, in England, that would be quite an insulting present (and explained why). But she was happy - they had small flowers on them.

Woman, know your place....

And the rest of her day? She cooked and cleaned as normal. I think the point was missed but that's Japan for you.


Blogger The Pixy Princess said...

In all fairness, perhaps she LIKES washing up? My mother is a chronic washer-upper and coming to think of it, perhaps SHE would like pink gloves with flowers on it. huuuumm, must swing by the store later!

Still, I find all Hallmark holidays pointless and would rather celebrate my mother/father/friend/PA/hunny all the time instead of cramping it in on one day and being a raging ass to them for the other 364.

2:29 am

Blogger Zamankhan said...

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4:34 am


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