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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yesterday - A Day In The Life Of, Or Something Like That

My brain fried yesterday. Got up early. (Early for me, probably pretty normal for most people). Spent the next 28 hours giving tests to 27,000 people. Or maybe it was the next 6 hours giving tests to 14 people. Felt like the former though.

Listened to the 27,000 people telling me how [insert place name] has much nature and [insert place name] is very convenience. And how their boss is amazing and their hero but they didn't chose their job their company made them do it and how they hate their long hours but they love their colleagues and how ramble ramble ramble I'm going to answer whatever I want to but not actually the question that you asked or the question that is in front of me and in fact I'm the same as one of those Japlish signs that ramble on and make no sense but it doesn't matter because the words are all in English and so that's what counts, doesn't it, I mean the words are English so therefore I'm speaking English and English is cute and oh I have much allergy now....

I could feel my brain cells falling into a deep comatic sleep one by one. Maybe they'll never come around again.

And this on the knowledge that if the candidates got a GOOD English grade (which none of mine did) they were getting a bonus equivalent to about 11 months of my salary. That hurts.

After that I spent several hours holed up in a cafe studying. Cos that's what we do here. They do here? People buy an overpriced cup of coffee and sit snoozing or studying for hours in a cafe. Kind of does justify the price actually. Had a good study session but it sent more brain cells to sleep.

Had 90 minutes of fun and joy with an elementary class after that. What's your favourite movie? I like Disney Movies because they are cute (mid-20s female). Where did you go for your honeymoon? [yes, of course we'd covered the meaning of 'honeymoon'] - 3 minutes of uhmming and ahhing but a student who married two years ago before he remembered.

By the time I'd finished the 17 hour lesson with them by brain was fried.

Got home. Flatmate decided to ask me to correct a translation she'd had to do for her internship. That made my brain ache even more. Sentences about how workers were disobedient because they sometimes didn't stay chained to their desks but actually went and spoke to other interns. And sometimes even outside the POSTROOM. Gasp!

And then my head exploded!


Written on a paper cup (and no, I don't understand it either):

The Art of Cold.

Enjoy what you do?

We hit the street.

We hit the high.


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Yes, I can relate.

Also, Germans love to live or walk 'in the nature'.

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