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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Good and The Bad

Sometimes I love Japan. I have a crap wallet. Well, it's not that crap, just a tad overstretched from carrying too many loyalty cards, receipts, etc. (Know what I mean?) Only now it's pretty empty - which means things keep falling out of it.

Today my Suica (travel card - with about 2,000 yen of credit), my hospital loyalty / membership / donno what it actually is card and a bookshop loyalty card fell out... somewhere in Saitama - there were a few options. I checked with the supermarket - no, I went to check in the station - knowing I'd not have a chicken's chance in hell (probably) of finding them if they weren't there... and behold - they were! So... thank you to whoever handed them in and thank you nice mr. station man for being patient with my Japanese, miming and mobile phone's dictionary!


I think I probably mentioned the first skin infection totally cleared up for about three days before I got the second one (in different places)? Well - and I've now got a months worth of antibiotics in my system (grrrrr) - the second one cleared up about four days ago but I've today found another couple of places where it feels / seems the infection has REappeared. It can't have - there is no way I can have more antibiotics. What on earth is going on with my immune system?


Fun and games at work:- Briefly, I've been wanting to get out of my current contract for ages and back into the part of the company I was originally working for. I told by boss yesterday. He said he would 'consider it'. Them be fighting words..... Them were fighting words. My response wasn't as polite or as patient as it probably should have been. Neither was my follow-up email notifying him in writing.

I may start looking for a new job if this simple request isn't granted. Not exactly what I want to do now I've got the Diploma going on, but still.


Blogger MoziEsmé said...

Glad you got your cards back! And hope all goes well with your work situation...

4:45 pm

Blogger The Pixy Princess said...

I have the George Costanza wallet thing happening right now. Lots of junk in there - very little money!

12:27 am


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