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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Really not loving these hospital appointments

So. Am still in pain (maybe slightly less) and am still feeling sick from the antibiotic drip.

And I'm not convinced I'm getting the best treatment because a) I don't have much faith in Western medicine and b) I have even less faith in the Japanese medical system after nearly 4.5 years of hearing stories about it.

Today I had to wait 1.5 hours in the out-patients clinic. This is meant to be a first-come first-served thing but I think people were being allowed to go through before me. Now of course I'm not hinting that I was getting different treatment because I was a foreigner but....

Went in. Had been thinking about what they'd done. I don't want to gross out Timourous Beastie again so I'll skip details. But let's just say, I'd decided THEY had been skipping on something they should have been doing. So I made them do it today. And once I'd told them to do it, the penny dropped that it made sense.

The nurse then doing the new dressing was crouching down with his head about 6 cms from the floor. I pointed out it might be a lot easier for him if my leg was on a chair. He almost panicked that I'd made this suggestion but seemed much happier.

Common. Sense. How can so many people lack in common sense? It stuns me.

They then took two attempts (read, two needles) to get the IV line into my arm. When I tried to ask if the nausea and the itching were normal side effects they said they wanted to stop giving me the drip. I told them there was no way they were going to stop it (well, I don't want to have a break, see it get worse, see the doctor on Tuesday and THEN have another few days of this shit).

So, yes. I am still extremely miserable and fed up with all of this.


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