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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bylakkuppe - a Tibetan refugee settlement - and not what I expected

Soooo, I set off for Bylakkuppe, planning to see the Golden Temple, do a bit of shopping and return to Madikeri.

The bus broke down on the way. I should have taken that as a warning that things weren't going to pan out exactly as expected.

As mentioned, I've been worried about the lack of effect the antiobiotics have had on the skin infection so as the rickshaw passed a hospital just before the temple, I thought it would be prudent to get another doctor to look at it. I popped in and got directed to go to another hospital after lunch where I could see a doctor.

The Golden Temple was awesome. Absolutely stunning. Very new. Fresh bright colours.... Lovely. And so touristy. I've never seen a Buddhist Temple full of people taking photos before.

And the Tibetan monks wear red and orange robes. Other countries I've only seen them in orange robes. It's the Tibetan way.

Anyway. Came up to the hospital after that. Didn't realise how huge the settlement was - and probably wouldn't have if I'd not made the trip. Neither would I have had the chance to talk with so many people living here. See, trying to find a silver lining to a teeny little cloud. That cloud being, saw the doctor who said I had to be admitted for three days/two nights to be observed and to have antibiotic injections and lots of other stuff.

The consultation cost 10 rupees. That's roughly half a pence. The HEAP of medical stuff I had to buy was about 735 rupees - about ten pounds. And the nightly stay is costing me about 70 rupees a day I think (about one pound) - cheaper than my budget 300 rupee (about four quid) hotel room in Madikeri (who have agreed to pack my stuff and store it and not charge me).

The hospital is spotless and the nurses are so so lovely. I'm the only person in the ward but the nurses kept popping in to chat with me. They're all Tibetan, although some were born on the compound. And a local teenager had me helping her with her English homework. I was happy to do it. Helped pass the time.

I've been scribbling away in my notebook since I got there but should get back to the hospital before they get angry with me as I should be resting my legs!

I have half a long good novel left to read with me and an almost fully charged iPod I'm allowing myself short bursts with. And a notebook and pen - to keep me amused for the next 29 hours.

Wish I had my sudoku book, my Japanese to study, a back up book and iPod charger (in case), and some clean clothes, but hey!

Will hopefully get back onto a computer again tomorrow.

Hope you all had a good xmas.



Blogger jojoebi said...

eeewww hope you are feeling better and the leg has stopped oozing!
maybe SOMEONE is trying to tell you to put your feet up for a while

6:25 pm

Blogger LivinginOz said...

Hope you feel better soon!

6:53 pm

Blogger The Pixy Princess said...

oh my dear! I'm only just reading all of this. Hope you're feeling miles better. Hugs gallore!

7:35 pm


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