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Friday, December 26, 2008

Feeling Sore in Mysore

The antibiotics I got for my skin infection are doing really icky things - like making my leg ooze... I guess that's meant to be a good thing, isn't it?

Anyway, Mysore. I'm not sure I get it. I mean I've heard really great things about it but just can't figure this place out. The palace was spectacular. The market was fun. The walk down the hill (whose name I need to check) was refreshing. But I just can't figure anything else about this place. The hawkers are quite irritating and persistant. The beggars are almost non-existant. The shops are all clustered together in rows - a row of fabric shops, a row of electric shops, etc. The food places all seem the same. I have no idea if it's even possible to find a beer around here...

Actually, yesterday was the first time I'd had any booze since getting to India (well, discounting a glass of sherry given me by Sanchia's dad) - and I gave up smoking the day before coming and have managed to resist for the last nine days. With a bit of difficulty at times.

Anyway, I came to Mysore on an overnight sleeper bus (yes, that means the bus had beds) from Hospet (after staying in Hampi) The bus stopped in Bangalore and a few of us travelled together to Mysore on a local bus. Two of the girls had decided to splash out on a very expensive luxery resort hotel for two nights over xmas and they invited us to join them last night for drinks.

Now I know how the other half lives. The bathroom was about the size of my bedroom at home (inside and outside showers). Actually the massive bed was about the size of my bedroom at home. And their room had a front AND back patio to go out in. The grounds, naturally were impeccable - water features, swimming pool, giant chess set, the works. Swoon. And then I returned to my budget hovel...

I've spent the two days here hanging out with a Canadian girl and, as lovely as she is, I've realised I do actually prefer being a bit of a lone wolf on holiday sometimes. I like travelling alone. I like not having to make joint decisions on everything....

Anyway, I walked down 1000 steps from a temple on a hill today, as well as lots of wandering around and taking a ridiculously long bus ride - and getting stuck in traffic - to enter a very crowded park to see a mildly entertaining light and music fountain display - and then travel back again standing all the way with about 700 other people on the same bus.

My mood could be better. I'm off to have a shower and de-dusty myself a tad now!
Tomorrow I'm moving onto my next place... (and as long as I can find a computer with decent internet access I'll keep on updating as often as I can).


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