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Monday, July 28, 2008


Another busy weekend.

At the moment I have a very heavy Saturday morning with a 3.5 hour lesson to kick off (which I love doing), I then have a 30 minute and a 40 minute class. This makes my hours comparable to the other teachers on that day at that school, so.... recently I've been getting off work at around 3.40pm on a Saturday. Pretty good stuff!

This Saturday I legged it over to the International Forum after work, meeting up with my house-family on the way, to watch a friend and her band, Vanilla Mood, performing.

It was only a short set and after hanging out with the them for a bit it was time to go and drink - except we didn't quite manage to sort the drinking out. I went into Muji and bought two pairs of shoes instead - quite a feat considering my size is basically a half size bigger than most shops have in stock in Tokyo!

From there, it was onto the Spanish restaurant in Koenji again, for my friend Masami's sayonara party. And a lot of eating and drinking. Oh, and then all night karaoke.

Sunday, after sleeping away half the day, I met up with the house family and went to the World Press Photographers 2008 exhibition in the Metropolitan Photography Museum in Ebisu. It was my fourth press photographers exhibition and I found last years more inspiring, to be honest - although there were a few pictures I really loved. My absolute favourite was of a mother and baby. I think it was in a refugee camp but the mother had an expression of absolute hopelessness and the baby is sitting in front of her touching her with such an expression of hope on it's face. Unfortunately, I tried but cannot find a picture online of this one. Here's a couple of the other ones I really liked:

After the exhibition we went to Zest, a Mexican restaurant in Ebisu, that I hadn't been to for ages - and then to the Pink Cow to enjoy some live music and a lot of drinking.

Today has been very lazy - but I'm off to watch some baseball now at Jingu Stadium.

Busy, busy! But keeps my mind off my job which I'm pretty pissed off with at the moment...


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So are you a teacher? Working in Tokyo? What do you teach?

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