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Monday, June 23, 2008

Spotted and Sozzled

Sign on a closed and chained door:

'This door is closed'.

Spotted on some man's chest:

'Fever the Quarter'

Learned this weekend:

There is a formal form of saying 'lick my nipple' in Japanese. I was unable to get an explanation of why this phrase needs a formal/polite form. I mean, in what circumstances could you imagine saying it politely in English: 'what you be so terribly kind as to trouble yourself to lick my nipple'?


Actually, I'm not sure why you'd need to say that anyway...

And no. I wasn't getting any action at the time unfortunately. I was in the middle of a Spanish restaurant. As you do.

So, I just had another really nice weekend.

I had plans for Saturday night that were on the verge of falling through completely when I decided to ask my flatmates (and Kate) if they wanted in on a potluck party I was about to cancel. Short story: everyone made enough food for 25 people... and we ate it all. Drank a rather large amount and had a really fun time with about 8 of us squished into my room at one stage.. not as easy as it sounds with two tables put out.

The flatmates had been planning to go clubbing but I'd already decided to not go. So had Kate. Of course, in the flurry of booze I wasn't allowed to not go and we potted off to Shibuya. Anke, the German girl in the house, forgot her i.d. (apparantly every club in Shibuya now asks for i.d., but I wouldn't know as clubbing isn't normally my thing). Misjudging the intelligence of the guy on security, Kate gave her spare i.d. to Anke... but didn't get away with it and they were both refused admission.

We tumbled into more taxis and headed to Roppongi where we suddenly had the brainwave to go and sing karaoke - and continue drinking, naturally, until 3.30am when we trundled into the Sports Bar (or Sports Cafe, or whatever it's called) to watch Russia thrashing the Netherlands.

Dutchies are rather tall, aren't they?! But we had to support Eras, our house Dutchie.

Anyway, carried on drinking til about 6am, crashed about 7am.

Planned to do nothing Sunday daytime. Plus it was raining. But the boys decided we should do something cultural. And then faffed so we ran out of time before we went to meet up with some of my Japanese friends in a really nice Spanish restaurant in Koenji. Had SUCH a nice night. The rather expensive wine we drank (and drank and drank and drank) slipped down beautifully. I've not tasted such a clean wine in a long time. And the food just kept coming and coming... and we didn't have to pick anything from the menu, which was even better, as I'm so indecisive and it was all sooo good.

The restaurant is owned by a Geordie, and hearing a Newcastle accent in a Spanish restaurant in Tokyo was rather odd but lovely guy and wonderful restaurant.

We had a lot of fun, made a lot of noise, and staggered out at some hour or other!

Poor wallet and poor liver after the weekend. But worth it. Again!


Blogger Sigsy said...

I've been to that Spanish restaurant - it is very special no?
Infact I must go back there some time soon.

11:41 pm

Blogger Jo said...

we should all go! - haven't seen you guys in ages...

2:20 pm

Blogger Ben said...

ahhh, the "lick my nipple please" opening gambit. A great starter of conversation in certain sections of polite society you know. Many a fun evening had by all with that one...


7:21 am


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