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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Eh? What did you just say?

I was talking about slang and changing languages with a student. She said there's not much slang for 'love' because in the olden days the Japanese didn't have love.


Same student said at several busy times in the year in her job she works 100 hours overtime a month. I asked her if she was serious that some months she was doing five hours of overtime every night and she said yes, and that her company had given her a laptop to take home to do work at weekends too. Oh and that the overtime was ALL unpaid. Additionally, the CEO and board had granted permission for her to have an assistant to help BUT her boss had overridden that decision.

How utterly insane. But people don't stand up to situations like this, so they'll probably never change here.

Embarrassingly, I taught a VERY cute student yesterday. He was very bright, very intelligent, quite funny and had a very good level of English. I had a mini-crush on him.... and then realised he was 18 years old.

Just call me Mrs Robinson. *gulp* - but at least it was a legal crush! And he looked much older....!


Blogger The Pixy Princess said...

Terribly unreasonable long hours are not uncommon in many parts of South East Asia as well. Example, when I was on holiday in India last year, I met a cousin who had just started a new job with a bank - a large MNC. She used to work with an Indian bank before - also MNC. When I asked her how she liked the move, she sighed and said, "I love it! Now, I only have to work about 14 hrs a day!"

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