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Friday, July 25, 2008

The Cicadas

Every summer in Tokyo the nights and days have been punctuated by the songs of hundreds of cicadas. At first a sound I really didn't like - a constant humming with the odd piercing cry thrown in to send chills up your spine.

Maybe it's because I've moved to a different area of Tokyo or maybe it's some other reason, but this year I haven't heard any of them.

I miss the sound. In England, Pimms equals summer. In Tokyo, it's the cicadas.

Actually, it occurred to me, on the way home from the station, that perhaps the reason I haven't heard the cicadas is because whenever I'm outside I'm plugged into my iPod (which I didn't have last summer). I removed the earphones and, lo and behold, I heard them. 1000s of them.

I can be a ditz sometimes. I do miss hearing them from my room though.


Blogger cheekyjester said...

I miss you!


6:14 am

Blogger Jo said...

I miss you too...

but when I move to Spain/France, it won't be so far...

7:56 am

Blogger The Pixy Princess said...

Ah, there's the ditz we all know and love!!!!

6:26 am


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