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Monday, June 30, 2008

A reasonably quiet week

Last week was okay. Nothing particularly mindblowingly special, but okay.

Tuesday night the headmaster and headmistress of a kindy where I work took us out for sushi after work which was very nice....

Wednesday night, er Thursday morning, I got up at 3.30am, with one of my housemates, to eat bacon and eggs and watch Germany getting through to the Euro 2008 final, although I'm happy Spain won yesterday (when I didn't get up to watch)...

Friday night ended up drinking in Nichome for the first time in about ten months. Managed to extract myself and cycle home about 1am...

Saturday night went for a few hours of drinks after examining all day... but was knackered from the night before so came home early. Gashed my hand open on a broken mug - it took about four hours to stop bleeding.

Actually, going back to the examining - I spent a day listening to how Tokyo is convenient and has many departments but how x has much green place and how actually I didn't want to do my course but my choice was not available and how my hobby is sleeping.... oh, and then there was the girl studying presentation skills who had been taught about non-verbal communication and nearly drove me nuts with her over-exaggerated gesturing throughout the exam.

I'm sure more will come back to me, but half of this was done in a slightly hungover haze...

And yesterday it rained - all day. I turned my bedroom into a cinema and some of my housemates and I sat around watching dvd's for most of the afternoon and evening and made food together.

Last week I had a lot of cover classes in faraway locations so, workwise, it was a bit of a pain but the rest of the week was okay.


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