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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Typhoid, Legionnaires, Hepatitis?

Me: So, what do you like about business trips?

Student: I like trying new diseases and new supers.

After scratching my head for a couple of minutes I managed to translate this sentence -

'diseases' = 'dishes' - ie food.

'supers' = 'spas' - ie onsen.

Had me going for a bit though! Especially as each time I got the student to repeat, he pronounced it in the same way. Ah students!

[Okay, if you really can't get your head around this, a lot of Japanese have problems with 's' and 'sh'. Now imagine the two syllables of dishes being dragged out to three, and you'll probably have it. Likewise, consonant blends, such as s+p, are pretty hard for a lot of Japanese students so an extra vowel gets thrown in for measure - but you didn't really want to know this, did you!]


Blogger Scribbler said...

Ah! Lovely supahs!

(I actually think this is interesting, but that's only because I love the various features of Japlish pronunciation)

7:15 pm


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