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Monday, August 11, 2008


I can relax. I have a week ahead of me with no commitments and no firm plans. And it feels absolutely amazing.

Last week was long and exhausting. It started off with last Sunday and a very fun-packed day in Sanrio Puroland (Hello Kitty Land) - photos to probably follow some time this week - lots of laughter and silliness.

Then Monday I didn't have the energy to do anything because my work schedule (and partying schedule) have been knackering me out so much. Highlight of last Monday was taking a book to Starbucks and enjoying their air-con and macha frappacinos for two hours of reading and peace...

The rest of the week was a whir of multi-location working days which passed very very slowly with far too many hours being spent on trains.

Saturday, the first day of the ten day break, was spent shopping, eating, drinking and hanging out with housemates and Sunday we spent the day in HAKONE (photos ditto Kitty) which was awesome fun. After the long slow journey to get there we spent a long time eating lunch and wandering around the fabulous open air museum before doing the tourist loop to get the cable car and boat and finally collapse into an onsen at the end of the day. Very relaxing. And knackering.

And now - I'm free!


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So, where are the Hello Kitty photos? ;)

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