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Friday, November 28, 2008

A Probably Not So Little Update

So, it's been a while since I blogged properly and apologies for that.

I started the blog over 4.5 years ago for a few reasons -
  • to keep a permanent record for myself of my life, experiences and observations in Tokyo
  • to keep my friends updated
  • to give myself something I had to stick to as I'm so good at giving up on things

I've failed on all counts, as well as totally slacking off on emailing people. Again, sorry! - and please don't take it personally - I was just feeling pressured, stressed and just not like communicating with the outside world basically!


So, starting with the future then - and why not? - I'm off to India on December 14th for 23 wonderful days of sunshine and new experiences - and, in my opinion, a well-deserved break. (I plan to blog all about it, don't worry!)

At the time of writing, the terrible situation is Mumbai is still not resolved. My heart aches for those affected or waiting for news of loved ones still, and I hope it ends swiftly and without much further loss of life.

As for me, whilst I do appreciate people's concerns and worries for my safety - I have absolutely no intention of changing any of my travel plans. I could give a list of reasons why, but I don't think it's necessary to.


As soon as I get back, I'm starting a teaching diploma (Trinity DipTESOL) which promises to be a 12-month - mainly on-line - slog - but I can't wait to do it. It's something I feel I MUST do to further my teaching career - and dislodge the cobwebs that have holed up in my brain of late.

Of course, this means my plan to leave Japan for Spain in the spring is being delayed until spring 2010 - but it gives you lot more chances to visit me, doesn't it?


My blogging absence has been filled with both fun and stress - though slightly more stress:

The enjoyment of changing my contract last October to work in with 18-20 year olds in large classes was taken away when my company lost the contract it had with the college, for whatever reason, and despite their being about 8 of us teaching there.

For a few months I was being thrown - it felt - all over the place and August was a hellish month with a lot of covering for other teachers and a lot of time spent travelling to deepest Saitama, Chiba and Yokohama to help out.

In September that pretty much stopped but over the last couple of months I've been left with a schedule that I really don't like and have no control over: THREE kindergartens days in a row - one which involves up to 2 hours travel time each way - depending on bus time connections, and two which are a split day of running around to do office classes in the evenings. The third of the kindies is also very disorganised. The last two days of the week, I'm in our companies schools but I don't know how much longer that'll last.

In short, I'm pretty discontented and unstretched by the whole work situation. Which is where doing the Dip. should hopefully come in handy... If my sanity lasts that long.


Life in the shared house / gaijin house / guest house / whatever - well, it has it's moments. I do think regularly about moving out, but then I also think regularly about leaving my job, updating my blog and a multitude of other things that don't come about.

Basically though, it's okay. I don't want to go into too much detail on here.


September weekends were filled with fun and festivals in Yoyogi Park mainly - and a lot of drinking. October was all about acupuncture and stress - and a lot of drinking and freezing (Tokyo's gotten bloody cold of late). And November was also about stress and drinking and making plans. Oh and going to Izu - but most of that time was spent in a car...


Regarding food - a couple of months ago I gave up meat. (Yes, this time last year I was raw vegan for a few months - but it became progressively harder and harder to sustain a raw vegan lifestyle and a social (drinking) life. So something had to give.

I'm also not eating carbs after 5pm - no reason, it just made sense to me - and I've lost 10kgs in about 3 weeks as a result. Not bad, huh? Still quite some way to go.


And that's me kind of up to date. I promise to try and keep this going regularly now. Honestly!





Blogger jojoebi said...

right then, it's about time you got your arse up here, all 10kgs less of it. just name the day, I can't do Tuesdays but flexible the rest of the time.

5:33 pm

Blogger Indianna said...

Thanks for coming back! Only started reading your blog a short while ago and am really enjoying it. Know what you mean about updating though - my own blog being a prime example of that... ;-)

7:08 pm

Blogger The Pixy Princess said...

HURRAH!!!! Jo's back in blogland! All is right with the world.

10:16 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Jo,
I know exactly how you feel- have been feeling, too many changes all at once and then in a job that well... I think we are in the same boat. My blog has been suffering a bit too. Very glad you are back. Nikki x

10:36 pm

Blogger VioletSky said...

Good to see you back. I used the down time to finish reading your many and varied previous posts.

4:12 am

Blogger Jess said...

You're back - I've been expecting you!

5:00 pm

Anonymous irishnomad said...

I've missed the new entries.

6:03 am


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