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Sunday, March 08, 2009


Am feeling deeply sorry for myself.

I had to cancel drinks Beastie and co last night and I had to cancel lunch with a friend today - and I love going out for lunch on Sundays (Saturday nights are often much more of an effort because of an early start on Saturday and working all day)...

because I have a nasty cold. Glands in my neck/jaw (!) are throbbing, nose is running, head is thumping, temperature is running (not too badly though) and I just generally feel like cack. Other times when I've got a cold, I've managed to sleep it off not feel cacker the next day. My immune system is just a welcome party ground for any germs that want to come and play I think since all the medicating started for the bacterial infection. By the way, I've been off anti-biotics for almost a week now.

My house is causing a slight dilemma. The woman who owns it - an Swiss woman who belongs to some religious cult - is a bit of nasty c*nt, imho. She doesn't give a shit about the house or the condition/state it's in and she was very rude when I asked her about getting compensation for lack of earnings caused by the condition of the house making me sick. I didn't actually expect to get anything but you don't know until you try and there is a good chance I got ill before going to India, but that just worsened the condition (long story but other members of the house had a
very very minor version of my original condition). Anyway, she was a c*nt about it.

So, here's my dilemma: move or don't move. It may seem like a no-brainer - bad house = leave (and there are a fair few reasons to go) - but the reasons to not go are pounding away too - the location is perfect, I really like my room, I have my own kitchen and I'm not going to find anywhere else for this price in a decent area with a private kitchen, looking for somewhere and moving takes a LOT of money and time - neither of which I can spare, and recently the house has been deathly quiet a LOT - which has been perfect for chilling out and studying. HOWEVER, the communal areas ARE in a bit of a state, many of the other people in the house are lazy fuckers (luckily, as I said, I DON'T have to share a kitchen), the agency either doesn't send a cleaner, or sends one that does fuck all. Then there's the mice, the damp, the list that could go on...

But then AGAIN, the area is pretty quiet too and SO convenient and, even if I did find somewhere that the price was okay, maybe it wouldn't be quiet and studying.... ooo dilemma!


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