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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

May I Clap?

On Saturday night I went and saw Oasis in concert (thanks again, Beth!). The concert was very good but even more interesting, was the crowd. It's been a long time since I went to a big concert (Getting old and all that!) but my memory of big concerts is that people tend to make a lot of noise clapping, shouting, singing, screaming.... and of course, dancing.

On Saturday though most of the people I could see weren't really doing any of these things. There was a little bit of singing and there was clapping - if someone started everyone else off - but on the whole the Japanese crowd was totally passive. Even the band looked shocked.

I went to a baseball game in Japan last year. People made noise there. But there were people telling them when to.

This kind of restraint seems most odd to me.

On the other hand, oh sod it, there is no other hand. Not that I can remember anyway. I still have a cold; I still haven't been 100% okay this year and so bloody tired. Partly because of the diploma (although I've not remembered any dreams for a few days now) and partly the whole job thing - the taking on of so many new students at once. Oh and PMS.

Today was my final day on this contract. My final day of working in a kindergarten. My final day of working in the middle of Saitama.

Shit, I need a break.


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