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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Dream On, Deamer

Did I say the weird dreams had ended? They haven't. Well, they did for a few days.

Last night I dreamt I was being seriously reprimanded at work because there'd been complaints about.... my singing. In my dream my singing had seriously upset some kids and I was in BIG trouble for it. I defended myself saying I had a sore throat. (Because of course, without a sore throat, I'd be a hot contender to win American Idol, wouldn't I?!)

Roll on karaoke tonight! Akane and I plan to murder some Oasis.

Today is day three of my new contract. Verdict so far: Well, it was a little strange getting my head around what day it was as on Thursday I worked where I used to work on Friday, with a teacher I used to work with on Saturday and lots of students I've given make up or floating lessons to before. Nice enough day. A little boring.

Yesterday I worked where I used to work on a Saturday with a teacher I used to work with until six months ago on a Saturday. The students were all new though. Nice bunch. Much more interesting than Thursdays students.

Anyway, right now I'm waiting for the miracle of caffeine to step in. I'm shattered. Got into bed at a reasonable hour but hardly slept. Today could be long!!!


Blogger Suat Duman said...

good a blog.

5:58 am

Blogger LivinginOz said...

Too funny about the singing! I have nightmares sometimes when I try to sing and either nothing comes out, or I sing completely off key. I wonder what it is about singing?

9:35 pm


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