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Monday, August 27, 2007

August in the City

These photos are from Yoyogi Park - one of my favourite places in Tokyo. Frisbee and booze. Gotta be good!

The combination of an 'Innocent World' and 'A-Titty Weddings' kind of amused me!

Karaoki Kawaii-ness!
And park kawaii-ness. This is a prairie dog, and no - it wasn't a wild animal, it was someone's pet. But it didn't have any clothes on.

And here, I give you, Yoyogi Parks, apparantly famous, skateboarding dog:

Small Things Behaving Well

These are some of the three / four year olds that I teach. Ali G in the making?

Concentrating - for ONCE! Put a camera in my face and I'll suddenly start acting all coy. Take the camera away and I'll roll around showing my knickers to the boys again!

Look - we CAN play together without fighting over the blocks. Honest!

After Party Karaoke

Music, microphones, booze, lightweights who just couldn't cut an allnighter....

Some things are always the same!

Louise's Leaving Party

These speak for themselves - a night in a 'British' pub in Tokyo. What more could I possibly add?