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Monday, August 27, 2007

August in the City

These photos are from Yoyogi Park - one of my favourite places in Tokyo. Frisbee and booze. Gotta be good!

The combination of an 'Innocent World' and 'A-Titty Weddings' kind of amused me!

Karaoki Kawaii-ness!
And park kawaii-ness. This is a prairie dog, and no - it wasn't a wild animal, it was someone's pet. But it didn't have any clothes on.

And here, I give you, Yoyogi Parks, apparantly famous, skateboarding dog:


Blogger Nix said...

looks like your summer has been stupendously smashing!

11:12 pm

Blogger Jo said...

yes, it has! and i'll finish captioning and commenting on the pix tomorrow.

how are you?

12:22 am


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