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Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Boys' Visit

Well, the boys came to visit straight after I came back from London. In a trip resemblant of that of one of my students, they flew in from Texas, went and climbed Fuji, came to see me and two days later went back to Texas. Nutters. It was awesome seeing them though. It'd been too long since I'd seen Zandt (stripey top, below) - but I think we've now clocked up meeting up in five cities - London, Paris, Boston, New York and now Tokyo. I wonder where we'll meet up next?

Anyway, these pictures are taken around Tokyo Tower, Roppongi and Meiji Jingu.

Yes. That IS a cowboy hat on the dog. Very Texan, no?

Can you see - the woman and her dog have co-ordinated clothes. ONLY in Tokyo. Actually, that's not true - in Paris once I saw a giant black poodle (or whatever they're called) dressed from paw to neck in red leather. As was the woman walking it.


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