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Friday, August 10, 2007

Summer in the City

And it's hot, hot, hot! Actually, the heat isn't so much of a problem and I prefer it to the cold any day of the week. Even the humidity is bareable - with a facecloth and fan in my bag all the time!

The cicadas are all chirping away and I've seen a couple struck down by heatstroke recently. I'll post the pictures of the dead things soon!

It's our summer vacation right now - just over a week to relax and not have to talk sober rubbish.

So nice! And once we get paid on Monday, it'll be even nicer!


Anonymous Alex Case said...

I read that wrong the first time- thought it said "...cicadas... and I saw a (married) couple dead from heatstroke the other day... photos soon".

8:12 pm

Blogger berus said...

Funnily enough I read it that way too! The problem is I was looking forward to the pictures....

2:37 pm

Blogger Jo said...

you sick people!

11:35 pm

Anonymous Jennifer said...

Hi Jo!

I love your blog. I'm Jennifer, 34 yrs old Swedish woman. I am moving to Tokyo next week, and I'm scared shitless.
At least your blog made me smile several times though, so I have now put down the bare bodkin by means of which I was determined to escape this whole thing... thanks! I hope you don't mind me checking back here from time to time and see if your can help me get some perspective. really appreciate your lighthearted and interesting entries.
Bye! /Jen

9:34 am

Blogger Jo said...

Hi Jen,

Thanks for leaving a comment.

Don't be scared of Japan. It's all pretty harmless really! Willyou be teaching?

Drop me an email if you want any help or have any questions at japanjo@gmail.com


10:45 am


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