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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A Different Kind of Noise

The elections took place on Sunday. I'm not Japanese so the elections didn't really concern me. What did concern me was the utter racket caused by the candidates vans. Thankfully that's all over now and things are not quite so full-on any more.

The rainy season has also ended. It's been replaced with the typhoon season which makes all my, rather ill-fitting, doors and windows rattle away. Over Sunday and Monday we had a few amazing thunderstorms - not the greatest thing when you're attempting to play frisbee in the park - but so fucking cool. I adore thunderstorms. I find them exhilarating and exciting. Especially if I'm sitting inside being absorbed into the noises of the heavy rain, thunder, lightening and music. Wow!

Of course, with the end of the rainy season, things are heating up even more - which I don't really mind - and the cicadas are multiplying and buzzing away.

Summer in Tokyo is what summer is meant to be. Well, compared to the period of time in the UK which calls itself summer, at any rate.


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