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Sunday, August 26, 2007

London, June 2007

Going to London in June WAS strange. It was the first time I'd visited in three years and I just wasn't sure how I'd feel or what I'd expect when I got there. It was, however, awesome seeing my friends and I had a lot of fun shopping. I didn't take many photos though. It just didn't feel like a Londony thing to do.

Oh and this - a square toilet from Heathrow Airport. I'd never seen a square toilet before. They seem to be all over London now though.

These mannequins also amused me.

And below are pictures of a night I spent in Hammersmith with David, Nikki, Mostyn and Vic. It felt almost like I hadn't left Tokyo. Or they hadn't. Or something. I miss them all anyway. But that's the nature of this work - the mates you get close to leave and you're left with forever looking for people to fill the gap they leave behind - with varying degrees of success.


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