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Monday, August 27, 2007

Random Pix

Coolish chewing gum. Well, it amuses ME anyway!

Clear instructions on how to perfect the complex art of tying together the arms of a carrier bag.

It's 'a look' - but is it a good one?

One of many dead cicadas I've seen in the last few weeks. Many people find their noise irritating. Personally, I love it as it's SO 'Tokyo summer' for me and goes hand in hand with warm days and longer evenings and not having to wear lots of layers of clothing or having your hands freeze off as you cycle. It's like Tokyo has it's own August theme tune. Although obviously this one ain't singing any more!

Toothpicks are sharp. Don't use your finger to test this out. Oh and fires are hot. Don't put your hands near them either.


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