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Friday, June 18, 2010

The End.

It's Friday 18th June. 2.50am. I should be 'getting up' at 5am to head to the airport... and onto the next chapter in my life. I was too hyped to sleep earlier, despite getting just three hours sleep last night. Seems to make more sense to sit it out now and doze on the way to the airport and on the flight instead.

Japan has been. Five years and nine months have passed. I'm totally ready to go - and totally excited about moving on - but also a little nervous of being totally out of my comfort zone. But it'll be fine.

Over the summer, I don't know how much internet access I'll have but there'll be one more post on here, once I've set up the new blog, to share the address.

Take care!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:30 pm

Blogger The Pixy Princess said...

The past 4 years knowing you have been a blast and I look foward to everything that the "new Jo" has to offer.


5:49 pm

Blogger J said...

Good luck. I'll be looking forward to your new blog.

Sorry I didn't see this til now, but I just got back from a long holiday.

2:14 pm

Blogger Irisrainbow said...

I'm waiting for the link to your new blog. I thought I'ld just post this in case you think no one reads you. I do read your blog and I want to continue reading your blog(s).

1:27 am


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