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Tuesday, June 08, 2010


I never got round to coming back to my A - Z post or things I like / don't like here. Maybe I will; maybe I won't. Depends how depressed I get with packing!

In ten day, TEN DAYS, I leave Tokyo. Of course, my level of preperation is, thus far, pretty non-existant.

Friday before last I took my diploma exam (bloody hard) and the next day was my final day of work (yes, I was extremely happy to leave). Since then I've been working on my diploma portfolio (final draft finishing, waiting to hear if I need to do any amendments) and, er, not a huge deal else. A couple of lunches and things but I really don't know what I've been doing with the time.

I certainly haven't been sorting through my stuff and deciding what to send in advance, what to give away, what to sell, what to throw away, or what to take with me. Although I'm getting a pretty good idea what to 'hide' in the back of the cupboard in my room!

So that's me. Had a fun day in the park yesterday. A sort of goodbye picnic. We went to Shinjuku Gyoen, which you normally have to pay to get into, but it was free yesterday. A couple of my friends had a baby, so they brought a tent to keep him shaded from the sun. Within minutes of erecting the tent, park warden dictator guy ordered us to take it down. Even more ridiculous, in the middle of a beautiful hot summer day - ie 4pm - they closed the park and kicked us all out. Only in Japan. I mean, how ridiculous? 4pm??? We moved elsewhere to continue drinking.

I've got such mixed feelings about leaving at the moment. Mainly, it's excitement, but also a little bit of fear... it's been such a long time since I lived in London and I do feel a bit 'institutionalized' from living in Tokyo so long. It's little things, like wondering if I'll get my things nicked in London vs. leaving my computer on a table in a cafe, bag with iPod, wallet and phone on seat, and wandering off to the toilet here. (Okay, I asked someone to keep an eye on the computer, but had it been bag only, I wouldn't have said anything).

So, I'm nervous. I'm wondering how I'll get on in the new job as it's going to be something so different from what I'm used to.

And I'm excited. Above all, I'm excited. I can't wait to leave now and get back to see all my friends and I'm so looking forward to a summer of London fun. And, even better, knowing I'm leaving again after the summer!


Anonymous sweetsal said...

hi...nice to see your blog...pls visit me back..

11:54 pm

Blogger David said...

You survived visiting India and Korea if I remember right, so I imagine London will be a bit of a doddle.
Look forward to having a catchup drink!

6:09 pm


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