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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Great Debate..

Alcohol and snacks. I'm a firm believer that snacks to complement alcohol should be savoury and really don't like sweet things with most alcohol (eg - wine, beer, vodka).

So, baring this in mind in recent days I keep seeing Wine flavoured Kit Kat bars. I've tried the strawberry ones, the melon ones, the passionfruit ones, the green tea ones, the white chocolate ones, the azuki ones and probably several others, in the name of research, over the last 14 months.

But WINE FLAVOURED just seems so wrong and so totally and utterly ick to me. I really don't think I can bring myself to buying one to report on.


I'm also yet to try the mixed nut n little fish beer snacks. Nuts and chocolate - yes. Nuts and raisins - yes. Nuts and lots of other nuts - yes. Nuts and little fish - euw!


Blogger Karen said...

Wine flavored candy? Nope.
Boozy chocolates are one thing but wine would not translate well to candy.

12:30 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The chocolate sounds bad, but I liked the peanuts&fish! try it.
Good ick-factor to take home as gift too :-)

6:23 am

Blogger Jo said...

Nuts and fish Xmas presents for everyone then?

10:39 am


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