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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Odds and Bits

Absolutely nothing. I'm trying really hard to think of something, but nothing is coming to me. Does this mean it's time to move on? Should I be judging my life by my blog and finding new things? Nah.

BUT the weather is cold and horrible, especially the evenings. One of my students went to Nikko, which isn't too far from Tokyo, AND IT SNOWED. I really hope snow isn't around the corner for us too. I mean the autumn leaves are very pretty - but they are all going :(

My ragingly sore throat is still ragingly sore. I tried consoling it with a half (200ml) bottle of Bailey's earlier. It didn't really work.

We've had builders waking us up early every day so I, and at least one other neighbour, are running on short fuses of tiredness and sickness.

I was, however, told by a random middle aged Japanese man, in a restaurant, that I have a beautiful British accent.... (he was with his wife).

I've started reading up on and planning Vietnam now, so any hints, thoughts or ideas let me know. I'll be there for two weeks, flying into Hanoi and out of Ho Chi Minh.

Oh one thing: a Tokyo warning, especially for the girlies: we don't have much information about this and things may never be clearer, but one friend was stopped by some 'police' and asked for ID. They weren't uniformed and didn't show her any photo ID. We (teachers, Japanese staff at our company, students) think this is very dodgy and anyone in this situation should refuse to show anything UNLESS they are at a Koban, or taken to a Koban. This incident is being reported to the police, in any case.

Told you I had nothing to say.


Anonymous Liz said...

LOL. Yeah, nothing to say at all.
Hope your throat is feeling better.

2:54 am


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