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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Always considering the next move

I'm sure it's been pretty clear from recent posts that the 'zing' has gone out of Tokyo for me. I'm hoping I'll get it back soon and part of it is a combination of being run down (gap? hyphen? one word? gets me every time), generally tired, ill recently (I've decided this definitely isn't bronchitis) and knowing people are going soon and that that will continue.

Anyway. The original plan was three years in Tokyo. I have a loan commitment for the next 19 months which means, until July 2007 at least, I'm stuck having to work somewhere that gives me a good income. Doesn't mean it has to be Tokyo though. Other places in Japan, for example, or in Asia, such as Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong would pay as much. Of course, one of the great things about the company I work for is that they DO have schools outside of Japan. I'll be here for at least another year though, I think.

However, doesn't stop me thinking about options and the other day I saw a link to this - it's a boat that does three month cruises around the world and wants English teachers. My first thoughts were that it must be a religious thing, but it seems not. I can just see myself sailing into Panama. Anyway, not next year, but I think I'll bear it in mind for the year after.


I'd never read anyone else's blog from end to end until I looked at Our Man In Hanoi. I'm off to Vietnam for Christmas and New Year and it is yet another place in the back of my mind as the next place to work. I found this blog rivetting and cried and laughed so many times I was exhausted by the end of it. That is the kind of thing I really want to be doing. Trying to make a difference, not just helping someone with their hobby - which IS what it often feels like. I very much like teaching, but right now I just feel I could do a lot more with it. What's stopping me? 19 months of loan commitment is what!

Anyway, sorry about the recent grumpiness. It'll pass. Leave me some nice messages to cheer me up, in the meantime!


21:45 Update:

I AM fine. I don't know why, but I've been very tired recently, and that's been getting to me. I adore teaching and really like most of my students (the rest I just tolerate). I get a lot of satisfaction and enjoyment from what I'm doing and I get to see the results too. I'm living a stress-free life in JAPAN and everything is a world away from where things were 14 months ago. I just needed to remind myself. Now, I intend to get back into the Tokyo groove and start enjoying the city again. There!


Blogger Shoshauna said...

Vietnam is great! You will love it...well I did that is for sure. I lived in Hanoi for quite a long time. Cheer up and move on!


2:13 pm

Blogger Timorous Beastie said...

Oh, you have been blogging furiously. I have a friend who worked on the peace boat - sounded like fun, but little or no pay I think. With respect to the cash situation, you could try going freelance and doing business classes. There's more money in that and less jumping about being genki.

8:21 pm

Blogger Jo said...

business classes? my sanity couldn't take it. business classes are my least favourite of the lot!

actually, i realised today, i DO love teaching, it's just sometimes the IDEA of teaching that gets to me. if that makes any sense at all.

9:42 pm

Blogger machiruda said...

That's the spirit (the update, that is). I'm sure you'll get it back... Tokyo just gets too much after a time so going away to Vietnam next month for a few weeks is probably just what you need.

The Peaceboat thing could be cool. I do think it's voluntary though, but as long as you can manage those few months it sounds like a pretty cool thing to do once.

11:13 pm

Blogger Jo said...

It IS voluntary - which is why it's not an option just now. I'll see if I can swing it for the year after next though. Sounds like an amazing experience, no?

12:37 am

Anonymous TSkillet said...

You should look into the NET scheme in Hong Kong - the big drawback is you might get assigned to a school in the boonies. But you make quite a bit of money (in fact, more than I make now as a professional) AND get your housing paid for.

7:15 am

Blogger OMIH said...

Firstly thank you for your kind words. Not sure if anyone has ever read my blog from start to finish before - I'm flattered.

Just something to think about regarding voluntary work. It does mean you get a wage - albeit a small one. But they do pay your rent and enough money for food and occasional beer. You don't have to fund yourself.

Anyway, it's worth checking out www.vso.org.uk and feel free to give me a shout when you get to Hanoi

1:28 am


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