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Monday, October 31, 2005

More randomness

How to piss me off:

  1. Ring on my doorbell (several times) at 10.15 on a Sunday morning and, even though I open the door wearing a towel and obviously just out of bed, bubble away explaining you're my new neighbour and a new teacher and bla bla bla and can you borrow some washing detergent.
  2. Ring on my doorbell in the evening when I'm tired and trying to watch '24' and eat and tell me you are [another] new teacher and you don't know anyone and you just finished university and you don't know anyone and bla bla bla.
  3. Tell me I cannot cycle my bike where I normally do and make me take a 3 minute diversion.

(PMS anyone??!!)

More random thoughts:

  1. I am totally into Series 4 of '24'.
  2. I have been borrowing dvd's of the current series of 'X Factor' [like 'American Idol', etc]. Too funny.
  3. I have finally discovered 'Little Britain'. I'd never watched any before this week. Hilarious!
  4. I saw the 'Corpse Bride' - the new Tim Burton film. Very cute.
  5. Sometimes I really hate students. Especially when one old woman, in a group, complains she doesn't want to play games in the lesson. Boring bitch.
  6. I'm in love with a student. Unfortunately he's only three. Wonder what he'll be like in 15 years time?!
  7. I went to bed at 9.45 last night - first time I've done that in ages. I normally go at 2am!
  8. Saturday was a school holiday. Thursday is another one. Heaven! Wednesday night is a big teachers party to celebrate this, and Thursday (rain allowing) I'm going to a BBQ.
  9. What I didn't know about until the day after: on Saturday the Yamanote Halloween party took place. Every halloween there is a special party in Tokyo on one of the train lines (the Yamanote Line which goes around in a circle). Party goers gather at a given place and time and all board the same train and, basically, drink. Everyone is costumed and a fair number of both Gaijin and Japanese join in. Sounds a riot. Next year I want to do it.

Oh and big wedding congrats to Ben and Gabs.... Am thrilled for you both!

(And I've just re-edited this whole post as half of it made no sense and I seemed to have taken a dislike to the shift key when typing as there was no evidence of a capital letter.)


Blogger Timorous Beastie said...

Ahha, 24 - a marvellous way to spend an hour (or 24). Timorous Beast and I got addicted, but then we got fed up with Jack Bauer always saying "You've just got to trust me on this", then decapitating people in the office/breaking his boss' ankles/holding innocent passers by hostage at gunpoint.
I would have to decapitate anyone who interrupted it to tell me they had just graduated and didn't know anyone.

11:29 pm


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