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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Crap, even by my standards

My lack of sense of direction is no secret and causes great amusement to some people, it would seem. Yesterday though, I excelled myself.

There's a park nearby. By nearby I'd guess it's about a 15 minute cycle away. I've been there four times or so, I think, in the last year and every time I've gone alone I've managed to get a bit lost - both ways. Yesterday, I was in the park with a large group, BBQ'ing and feeling rather hungover, wobbly and incoherent. We're still having beautiful days here (cold nights though), though yesterday wasn't as warm as the day before (or today for that matter), but it was still nice to relax and eat lots of meat and drink soft energy drinks. [I'm never drinking again. Ever. Ever. Ever ever ever.] Soo, I left the park, checking which general direction I should have headed in for my fifteen minute cycle home. ONE HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES LATER I got home.

I have NO idea how this happened, but I managed to cross rail tracks at least half a dozen times and discovered many shops and things I didn't know existed and hope to never have the misfortune to see again. I finally approached my apartment from the opposite direction of where I should have approached from. That takes skill. Plus I was bloody knackered.

So knackered in fact that I crashed out at 9pm, only to wake up again at 4am and be unable to fall asleep again for a couple of hours. GAH!

The night before (yesterday was a national and school holiday so none of us worked) a heap of teachers had gone out for a nomihodai night (and again I forgot that drinking stupid amounts of gin on a few slices of sashimi, a couple of little bits of fried chicken and a little pile of salad just isn't going to do the trick), followed by karaoke (and another damn nomihodai) and followed by a club (and more drinking) before getting the first trains home. I've not been so drunk in a while and have periods of incoherence that have since come back to me (or that I've been jogged into remembering). It WAS a good night, but oo HOW bad did I feel yesterday morning?

December is going to be another long drink fest I feel, with a whole bunch of people leaving. Two or three that I'll really miss, but that's life. People come and go. Won't be the same though... Well, for a bit anyway...

On another, more sombre note, one of the teachers I trained with in London committed suicide on Sunday. It was someone I'd had a laugh with on training back in August 2004, but probably only seen a handful of times since actually getting here. Certainly nobody who made any sort of impact on my life. It's just imagining though just how low someone would have to get to do this to themselves. There had, apparantly been other attempts, but maybe they were just cries for help.... who knows? The teacher is at peace now though, although the friends and relatives have to deal with it now.

And I really hope the poor poor train driver is getting a lot of help and support to deal with this. How can anyone get over that? Poor guy. Or am I mean for laying my sympathy with him and the station staff and police that had to deal with it? Nobody ever mentions the other people involved in these situations.

Still, it's my blog and I'll say what I want to. R.I.P.


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