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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Bunny Rabbits

I love Thumper from Bambi. He's sooooo cute. As for real rabbits, well... when I lived in France one of the families I worked for had a rabbit. It used to run around the kitchen shitting everywhere and the kids couldn't be arsed to look after it. Other times it had the run of the garden. I got VERY good at catching it using the torch and child technique. A couple of times I could be seen running up the road, after the fucking rabbit, as it had escaped the garden confines and was racing up the street.

I hated that rabbit.

French butcher's shops don't fanny around making animals look like meat (the way I like to see them). In France, I remember seeing the whole dead animal - head, fur/feathers et al. Seeing whole deer hanging in the doorway was particulaly upsetting to my hyper-English sensitivity.

Another time, I was forced to eat rabbit. That upset me. But not as much as the year after when a whole skinned rabbit was put down in front of me to chop up. It was too too horrible.

In pet shops in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong I've seen lots of rabbits in little cages. Lots of little rabbits jammed together in tiny cages. Very upsetting.

Okay, my point, my point: actually my point didn't need to be preceded by the above waffle but tough. Fur.

My point is FUR. Fur belongs on animals and nowhere else. Japanese women like fur. Real fur, fake fur (but mainly real fur), rabbit fur is a particular favourite. For jackets. For bags. For scarves. One student came in wearing all three. I asked her how many rabbits it took to make them all. She just laughed. But it IS everywhere now. Maybe I'm just being very English.

Even worse though was the mint green fake fur jacket I saw someone wearing this evening on the train. Not a good colour.

I'll (bunny) hop off now.


Blogger muser said...

Skinned rabbits are gross - and you're right - no-one should wear fur if there is another option.
I could easily have given our rabbit away tonight though. He had escaped and peed on my sofa.
Rabbit pie anyone?

6:37 am

Blogger Jo said...

That's my point. They're annoying. I'm still traumatised by having to run after that stupid rabbit all the time. And having to carve up the other one.

9:42 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can still remember you having to cook a whole chicken in a pot. The French are weird.


8:00 pm

Blogger Nix said...

I agree.
(I'm not going to say with what!)

10:28 pm

Blogger Jo said...

nix - you have to agree with something!

sare - the french can be very weird!

10:43 pm


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