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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I do NOT waffle!

Do I? Yesterday I was told I waffle in my blog. DO I waffle? And, IF I do, is it a bad thing? I mean it's not like I have a word limit, is it?

Note to Elizabeth who put her little pin on my map: I'm really happy I've bettered your life by opening your eyes to the various used of the word 'piss'. I feel my job is being well done here now!

Yesterday and today are a school holiday. Yesterday, after pizza, we toddled off to Tokyo Dome City's Attractions to go on the rides. (click on the 'attractions' bit of the link). Having not been on a rollercoaster or other fairground ride since forever - well, since the early 90s anyway, I'd convinced myself it was going to be crap, I wasn't going to enjoy it and that Disney would probably be a lot more fun, but, as the consensus was to go there I did. The semi-reluctance wore off the second my bum made contact with the first ride, and three hours were spent laughing, screaming and trying to stop my heart from popping out of my mouth. Fantastic fun. Very good for tension release! Although I DO have to confess: the first time I went on the big rollercoaster, I DID keep my eyes shut for most of the ride. Second time, I didn't. And it was great fun - big drops, swooping over buildings, etc. Funnily enough, with my eyes closed I dribbled. Open, I didn't. (Does that mean anything?) The plunging and spinning rides were pretty cool too. And they also had a pretty cool Water Symphony, with jets of water dancing to loud music. Going on a water ride, in November, on a cold evening, maybe wasn't the wisest of moves though...

And now I say: bring it on. I want more rollercoasters!

P.S. I bought a sandwich whose label said: "Fresh Sandwich. This sandwich is fresh, home made, and delicious. We want you to try to eat this sandwich."

I tried. I managed. I DON'T think I won anything though. Oh well.


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