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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Quick Update

My throat and tonsils feel tons better, though both are still quite swollen and sore. I think the Bailey's may have done my trick. A friend told me Maria Callas used to swear by it. He didn't clarify if she swore by it for sore throats, or just swore by it though...


One of my JHS students came to the class last week with a heavily bandaged finger. It had been broken, and her arm fractured, earlier that week whilst playing dodgeball, in a PE lesson, at school. In the same game another student ended up with a broken arm and two were hit in the face. Now, if this was the UK I could see the governors going mad and insisting it were banned from the school because it was dangerous. A bit like British Bulldog was in so many schools back in the 80s. Or at the least swapping to a soft ball (remember those big sponge ones?). Instead, they've been told to be 'more careful'. Yeah, right.


I finally got around to updating my blogroll links. I'll be adding more pictures to my photo site in next day or so too.


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